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Rolling Stone Raves:
What Your Rock & Roll Favorites Favor

(Quill), January 1999

Selected Reviews

“This book is a compulsively readable collection of anecdotes, rants, rages, gushes and testimonials from the artists who, for better or worse, have shaped our times.’

A Word from Anthony

I interviewed artists about their favorite things for a column called “Raves” during my first two years as a  Rolling Stone staff writer. I heard it all – favorite movies, favorite sexual positions, favorite foods, favorite cities – and talking to them with no agenda opened them right up. It was one of the “fun” interviews on their press sheet but the pleasure was all mine. Our chats would go well past our scheduled time slot and I always came away with more material than I needed. It seemed such a shame to waste it and the editors at Rolling Stone Press agreed. I pulled the best columns from issues past, added it to my work and created a thematic quote collage of what some of the most charismatic figures of our time find inspiring.

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