Crash and Burn web
Artie Lange, Crash and Burn
(Touchstone/Simon and Schuster), 2013

Selected Reviews

“A chronicle of Lange’s dark descent into depression and heroin addiction and his agonizingly slow return from rock bottom.”
– Rolling Stone

“Writing with Anthony Bozza, Lange reveals the horror of his suicide attempt. He’s grotesquely honest about his addiction to heroin and prescription drugs, too.”
– The Daily News

“ Crash and Burn is about the lowest depths of his addiction and self-destruction. It is a tough read, but in a good way. When it’s funny, it’s very, very funny.”
– Esquire

“Crash and Burn may be the ultimate anti-drugs/alcohol tool ever written.”

A Word from Anthony

Three days before Artie attempted suicide in January 2010, he and I made plans to meet at his beach house to begin writing our second book together. Two years later we finally had that meeting. This project became more than working with an awesome person I respected and cared about. His rock bottom, his chaos and his struggle with addiction and depression could help people. To be a part of delivering that message was deeply profound to me.

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