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Why AC/DC Matters
(William Morrow/Harper Collins), 2009

Selected Reviews

“In the trim but meaty 130 pages of “Why AC/DC Matters,” longtime rock writer Anthony Bozza makes the case for the Australian band that’s been blasting hard rock at high volume since the early 1970s…Bozza maintains that the band has been sorely overlooked, and spends a significant amount of energy arguing against the critical take on AC/DC.”
– The L.A. Times

“AC/DC is not as chronicled as much as one would think, but as the band gradually ages, more tomes on the Aussies is a guarantee. The book in question, Why AC/DC Matters is not your typical wide-ranging biography. Rather, it’s an in-depth look in the band’s enormous influence on hard rock/metal, their musical ethos, and other oddities that might elude the casual listener…Bozza does a fantastic job of breaking down the band’s musical backbone.”

“The kind of impassioned art criticism that is normally relegated to websites, fanzines, and independent publishers.”

“The book is a hoot, but it’s also more than just that — it seeks to undo decades of nasty criticism by claiming for the band’s musical legacy the highest of honors.”
-The Buffalo News

“A special treat for music fans…it’s about time the band is given its due.”

A Word from Anthony

The good people who published my book with Slash gave me the opportunity to rant and rave about the band of my choice in a public, published forum. I didn’t want to take an obvious or expected route so I chose the band that in my mind, is the most critically underrated classic rock institution that ever was.

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