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INXS: Story to Story, the Official Autobiography
(Atria/Simon and Schuster), 2005

Selected Reviews

“The definitive story of one of the 80’s most underrated bands.”
– The World

“A must-read for any fan of the band from Down Under.”
– The Sacramento Bee

“Everyone who cares about Australian popular music should read this book.”
-The Age

A Word from Anthony

I got an email from my agent at the time asking if I was willing to move to Australia for three months to co-write the autobiography of INXS. Who could pass that up? I’d been a fan since the moment I heard “Don’t Change,” in 1982, and wanted to hear the story of Michael Hutchence’s told by those who knew him best. But little did I know that this project would earn me a following in a region of the world I rarely get to visit. Australia changed my life in the short period of time that I lived there, because there’s no other place in the world quite like it.

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