Tommyland web
(Atria/Simon and Schuster), 2004

Selected Reviews

“A compelling yet obscene personal treatise on fame and the insanity of our celebrity-crazed culture.”
–  The Washington Post

“The pages vibrate with Lee’s crazy energy.”
– Entertainment Weekly

“As good as the gold in Goldschlager.”
– Time Magazine

“A rollercoaster read that’s full of fire and fun.”
– The Daily Mirror

“What a wonderfully modern take on the picaresque…and man is it a wild ride. If 2002’s Motley Crue biog The Dirt was the last word in hot tubs, blow jobs and hairspray, then Tommyland is a much more personal, intimate journey.”
– Time Out

“Deliciously dirty.”
– Glamour

A Word from Anthony

My first co-write. I was hired on to to save the day after another writer didn’t work out. I knew I had to impress Tommy, because he’d been burned. I didn’t want to re-tread Mötley Crüe’s autobiography, The Dirt, I wanted this to be different. On the plane to L.A. I thought through what Tommy is known for aside from his band, his drumming and his famous spouses. One thing came to mind first and foremost, and that was his dick, a legend unto itself. I couldn’t think of another book, let alone an autobiography, that featured a talking penis. My next thought was, “How do I present this to one of most talented drummers I’ve ever heard without getting punched in the face?”

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